A call for HELP,

 Visualize  that you are driving down a country road with your car windows in the hills of western

Lawrence county. You notice  a large pasture on your right hand side and in the distance you can

 see there is a  pond in the middle of the pasture. As you travel a little farther you can now see there

 is a single log floating in the middle of the pond. Just as your vehicle   become parallel to the pond,

you glance down and you can see a young child clinging on to the back side of the log

and you here the child make a universal plea.............. "HELP"


Now what are you going to do! Say to yourself "I don't have time to go help that child today, I'm too busy.

 I have things to do of my own.

 I have to go to the grocery store.

 I need to mow my yard.

 I have to go to a church meeting.

 I need to clean my house.

I have to do the laundry.

I need to go fishing.

I just don't have time to go help that child right now!


No....No....No Your going to jam the brake with you foot and bring your car to a sudden screeching sliding  and

abrupt halt. As you left hand flings the drivers' door open as your right hand grabs your cell phone, you are now running

 toward the pond dialing 911 and screaming into the cell phone "there a child drowning in a pond on

Hwy 214  1 1/2 mile south of Smithville...send help NOW!  You reach the edge of the pond....

You can see the child is about to give up and go under.......

What are your going to do????????????????????????????????????????????


HELP Stands for the Hoxie Education and Learning Partnership. WE are calling for you to HELP.

We have some children in this community whose lives are in peril, their physical life is not in  jeopardy like that

child hanging onto the log,  but their academic and learning potential is in just as a precarious circumstance.


I believe we started changing our current course last night. We had several different denominations stop

focusing on  ourselves and start looking at community issues. Last night the sheriff department demonstrated

the physical way to manufacture crack on the front row of the Methodist church, the officers described the

horrors of drug use in Lawrence County and showed how easy it could be cooked and produced from poisons that

are all available inside our own city limits. Narcotics Anonymous staff  talked about the need to step out

on faith and love the unloved to rescue the souls of those hooked on drugs

especially with a significant increase  of women hooked on crack in Hoxie and Walnut Ridge.

The John 3:16 Ministries testified that crack is the devil's brew and after losing his health, marriage,

 kids and going to prison he was reborn as a new man through Jesus Christ.

Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, Assembly of God and New Beginning Churches started a

 dialog of talking about  focusing on the community together to reduce the impact of drugs in

 Hoxie/Walnut Ridge and Lawrence County.

 Too many lives are being lost to the devil and we as united Christians men and women are going to

 quit ignoring the  problem and start reaching out to our neighbors who are in trouble.

This is phase one in taking back our community.


The next is for you to volunteer to HELP. Our focus for the remainder of the year is to prove our value by assisting teachers

 in any manner possible. We will do one on one mentoring during school hours, assist teacher with coping, lunch duty or

 anything else that will free up a teachers time so they can focus more on individual students. I have faith that other Christians

 will join us in the weeks to follow.


So a child is asking for your  HELP! Now what are you going to do! Say "I don't have time"!!!!!!!

This little email sounds good for  someone else (but not me) I'm too busy.

You are now at the edge of the pond and you can see the child is about to give up.


HAVE FAITH DIVE IN AND HELP  it might be your child.


I have ask the Hoxie Elementary Principal to have teachers start developing a list of  needs(K-6) so we can

begin HELP. This is a community Christian issue,   We hope to have several denominations involved in the next few weeks. 



TO WALNUT RIDGE AND BLACK ROCK before the end of the school year.


More to follow in the next few days.